Martin Macik lost five kilograms at Dakar, he drenched with sweat 20 t-shirts and used up 7900 litres while driving

Dakar was challenging for everyone and Big Shock Racing had to fight hard for the tenth place. But few days went by, people celebrated, got some rest and only the good things will remain in their memories. Crew members of Big Shock Racing would go to Dakar gladly again. But that will happen next year. Now it is time to recap. 

Now look at some amazing number from this year’s Dakar (Big Shock Racing):

Drove 9000 kilometres, from that 2300 measured

22 spare tyres brought to South America, only 1 exchanged during the race

7 900 used up litres of petrol

53°C  highest temperature measured during the race

-3°C  lowest temperature measured during the race

39,9°C highest temperature measured to a team member

64 lost kilograms, record is held by the navigator Frantisek Tomasek: 9 kg

30 times used phrase „one must go fast, to not end up last“ (said especially often by Lavor)

3 hours of sleep on average for the Big Shock Racing team mechanic

8 overalls drenched with sweat

Thousands of photographs taken with local fans who gave us energy

And countless unforgettable moments…

Martin Macik drove as he never did before. Big Shock Racing at 10th place overall.

This year’s Dakar Rally is behind us. Big Shock Racing crew finished at seventh place in the last part of the race. And placed 10th overall! „It was nerve wracking today. Unbelievable. We were fighting with MAN in front and behind us,“ says shortly after the end Martin Macik and adds that emotions got better of some racers as they passed the finish line. „Peter Versilius couldn’t cope with the overall result of his team and came to talk with us. In the end even the organizers had to step in,“ Martin Macik describes unforeseen fight.

For Martin Macik and his Big Shock Racing team this year’s Dakar was without a doubt a success. In the last four measured parts they finished in top 10. „You can see all the preparation, which we dedicated to perfecting the vehicle and ourselves,“ Macik evaluates last 14 days. „We didn’t have any major malfunctions or health problems. Everything went according to the plan,“ says happily a pilot of the yellow Liaz.

Big Shock Racing crew consisting of pilot Martin Macik, navigator Frantisek Tomasek and main mechanic Michal Mrkva, is going to Buenos Aires for a well-deserved ovation at the final ceremony.

Lovor’s Dakar minute

My first Dakar…

„My first Dakar. Franta crossed the finish line. I spent so much time on him – while managing him at home and now in South America. I want to thank the whole team. It was a great crew which made my first Dakar a family event. I got to discover another part of the world and tenth place is really good,“ said with a tear in his eye Lavor, who is looking forward to a beer with the crew in Buenos Aires.

Big Shock Racing is catching up. Macik is happily reaching the top.

The result of the fifth shortened part of the race is without a doubt a success for Martin Macik and his team. Fourth place with only 16 minute difference from the first De Rooye gave the team needed confidence, which is also intensified by raising onto the 16th place. „Very well handled check point, which wasted time of many crews, good navigation work, that is what moved us forward,“ evaluates fifth day at Dakar Martin Macik. „Even as we were going down from the mountains we overtook maybe seven trucks and we continued in our aggressive drive even on a flat dusty stretch, where everyone was giving it 100%,“ says pilot of black-and-yellow Liaz and adds that that was the best result in his entire racing career.

The organizers had to shorten the fifth part of the race due to flooding, and bad atmospheric conditions. Instead of planned 438 measured kilometres, crews had to drive only half (219 kilometres).

Starting from 25th place wasn´t ideal for the truck with a number 518. But due to strong rain, the dust came down and Martin Macik could drive faster in narrow mountain pathways. After getting to Gran Pampu Salada Big Shock Racing truck was fighting for its place amongst top 15. „We managed to skilfully avoid one collision, there was one truck that was stuck and other 5 around it, so we quickly drove through the check point and worked systematically on moving forward,“ says Martin Macik.

Learning from previous mistakes in navigation payed off. „Meanwhile others were desperately searching for a hidden check point, we were certain,“ says navigator Frantisek Tomasek. „It was so chaotic at that place, even very skilful drivers were going in the opposite direction.“ Martin Macik says euphorically: „Now you can see how perfectly ready Franta is. Today we enjoyed the racing 100%.“

Even the rest of the group is in great shape. High altitude didn´t do anything to them. Adrenaline is working its magic. Fifth part from Tupizy to Orura was supposed to be mainly on plateau. Hard and quick terrain. Weather changed everything. Pampas are often flooded with water and it wasn´t different now. For racers the race wasn´t finished in half. They had to fight the bad weather even in bivouac.

Bolivia is definitely not a dry place. Bivouac was completely under water and martin Macik with his Franta couldn’t get in. Racers had to use local roads, where almost everyone was getting stacked. For now they are sleeping on the side of the highway which is near the original camp. It is still raining…

Lavor´s Dakar minute

Cocaine instead of chewing gum…

“We don´t sleep much. We repair or do revisions – breaks, undercarriage, welding of aluminium tank which was repaired on the track or changing a pump. We are tired, but still in a good mood. We let them put a stamp in our passports to show that we have been to Bolivia and assured customs officers that we are not smuggling anything. They didn´t laugh but after a while I found out why. Most people were constantly chewing cocaine and were tweaked. Road is only few kilometres long, the rest is dust. I should start chewing too…,” says Lavor.

Big Shock Racing ready for the start

Czech Big Shock Racing team has successfully completed technical inspections. „We did really well. All the technical aspects are ready and Frank did not disappoint,“ describes on new year´s eve noon Martin Macik, who has caught a high fever and the last moments before the race isn´t spending according to the plan with the team but in a hotel by himself. This Rally Dakar will also mean some changes even for the navigators. They will have to focus a lot on the road, search for unmarked check points and precisely read the kilometres.

Technical inspections went great for Big Shock Racing. Administrative checks were held in the football federation building nearby. After necessary checks the crew consisting of Martin Macik, Frantisek Tomasek and Michal Mrkva received wrist chips. They also got acquainted with a new device called „iritrak“ that serves as a communication tool with the organizers and is also for tracking the crews online.

„In this year´s race the number of kilometres will not be automatically calibrated after driving though control points as last year“, explains the change for navigators Frantisek Tomasek, who admits, that it might get things a little bit more complicated and that he will need to watch out for the numbers. „Second significant change is that there will be a new additional control point, which will remain secret for all the crews until they actually drive through it. There is an arrow at every check point that will show up at a specific time that will show you the direction. If we miss it we might find out at the next check point that might be 50 kilometres away from it“, explains Tomasek.

Crews have to completely rely on „iritrak“ this year. „No other device that sends out any type of signal can be in the vehicle,“ says Martin Macik and explains why: „It´s been discovered that some teams are using a device with specific software, that can show them shortcuts on the map. They wanted to eliminate that this year.“

The entire Big Shock Racing has celebrated New Year´s Eve together, except for Martin Macik. For the past few days he has been battling with a high fever, he is on antibiotics and is medicating in a hotel alone. „I believe that on Monday I will be ready for the start and ready to fight,“ says Macik with self-confidence.

Franta – New Martin Macik´s truck is now in in the world and it is going to Spain with all its secret gadgets and perks.

Mechanics from KM racing team just finished working on a new truck Liaz which will be used for competing during this season by Martin Macík Jr., Frantisek Tomasek and Michal Mrkva. Franta has same major enhancements in comparison to the old truck. Impulse for these changes came from the experiences from previous Rallye Dakar. Some enhancements are surprising including a non-traditional dark design, which will be completed right before Rallye Dakar 2017. New Liaz truck will leave its workshop in Sedlcany this week. It will drive the crew to Spain, Baja Aragon where Martin Macik will be defending his last year´s bronze title.

New shape, better softening and even seating and audio system

The team of mechanics worked on the truck under the supervision of Michal Mrkva and the result is excellent. Franta has a considerably different shape in comparison to the old truck. The reason behind it was our need to balance the weight of the vehicle more effectively which will allow us to increase the speed, especially in the more technical parts of the race. Also new silencers will be tested as there is a demand for high quality due to the nature of Dakar´s terrain. Producer of silencers FRT is testing its new product with our new truck and everyone can´t wait to see how it is going to work in action. „ We even customised the cab. No more carpet just iron, the raw „savage style“. We also changed the seating so it is now more like if you would sit in a car than truck. I look forward to seeing how the outcome will show during the race, but I am sure it will be a big change for the better.“ Says Martin Macik and adds, „Truck is now really loud and we will have to use headphones. The sound will resonate into the cab. I see it as an advantage anyway because I wanted to add an audio system so the music would motivate us during all parts of the race!“

Franta will get a new dark outlook before Dakar

Team also enhanced the design of a new vehicle, which was prepared by the professionals from Rallye Design. „The truck has a very dark outlook now and will get some colour before Dakar. How? We want to leave that as a surprise. We like to experiment with the outlook of the vehicle and we believe that it will be enjoyed by our fans too. We are definitely not afraid of being overlooked during the race,“ says the team leader Martin Macik about the new outlook.

What is next for Franta? Baja Aragon and African desert

Preparation of the new truck will be finished in July because than Franta will be tested for the first time at Spanish Baja Aragon. “We haven´t raced in a long time and we miss it so much. We are extremely looking forward to the Spanish race with our new car! We will also stop in France for a swim!” says Martin. At last year Baja Aragon the crew finished in a third place even despite the technical difficulties with brakes and thieves who stole some of the equipment. This year Martin Macik is going to defend the last year success with a new truck and new experiences. Unfortunately, in Spain the team will be missing motorcyclist Lukas Kvapil, who is currently recovering after a recent car accident. After a start in Baja Aragon there will be another stop for Martin and his crew in HunGarian Baja, Baja Poland and also testing at the Moroccan desert which are fans more than welcome to attend.

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An invitation from Martin Macík to the FMX Gladiator Games: Come join us to watch flying cars and motorcycles

Martin Macík is inviting all sports car enthusiasts to the FMX Gladiator Games, the oldest European freestyle motocross event taking place on 24th October in Prague’s O2 Arena.

This year sees the 15th edition of the show. Previous editions brought exceptional performances with Harley Davidson motorcycles and snowmobiles doing mid-air flips and riders willing to stretch their abilities beyond limits.

This will be Martin Macík’s second appearance in the FMX Gladiator Games where he will introduce the revamped version of his Dakar 2016 race truck. A special show will be dedicated to a smaller car, the MINI, and Martin is planning to watch its stunts. “I look forward to the FMX Gladiator Games every year because it means that one place will host a great number of people who share my craziness. We enjoy adrenaline and we are not afraid to perform tricks that other people would not even dare trying. I am sure that this year’s edition will be as exciting as ever,” said Martin Macík.

Those who have already experienced the electrifying atmosphere at the FMX Gladiator Games and witnessed tricks that blow your mind will definitely make sure not to miss this year’s edition. It is all about cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, buggies, and riders performing new mid-air stunts to live music.

The FMX Gladiator Games are Martin Macík’s last event before he enters the final stage of his training for the January Dakar Rally. But first, his fans will give a send-off to his vehicles in his native Sedlčany before the trucks and assistance cars board a ferry in France and sail off to Latin America. A MINI JCW Countryman vehicle is Martin’s car of choice for this year’s Dakar training. It is not a coincidental partnership – MINI cars compete in the Dakar Rally as well.

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Martin Macík’s crew takes silver in the Baja 300 Bohemia rally

At the past weekend KM Racing raced in front of Czech fans in the Baja 300 Bohemia Rally held in Milovice nad Labem. The Liaz truck crew took the silver. The motorcyclist Lukáž Kvapil with his Yamaha 450 kept in the lead for most of the rally, but in the last stage had a crash and had to be taken to hospital.

Martin Macík and the whole team was really excited by the chance to race in the former military area in Milovice and meet with their Czech fans. The rally started by a 6 kilometre long prologue. “It was probably the most comical prologue in my career. Everybody got literally lost. I have no idea how the organizers clocked the times and handed out penalizations. Right at the beginning we were penalized by 10 minutes, so we finished on the sixth place in the truck category. But we could at least be happy about Lukáš Kvapil’s result, who clocked up the fastest time and was in the lead in both the motorcycle category and the overall results,” described Macík the start of the race.

On the second day the racers had 4 stages ahead of them, about 50 kilometres each (2 circuits, each driven in the opposite direction). Everybody was concerned about navigation, but Ferry, the KM Racing’s navigator František Tomášek, showed everyone how it is done and after 10 kilometres Macík’s crew was in the lead. “We served as navigators for all the others, helping them to find their way and like this we won the first stage. In the second stage we finished second and in the third one I managed to damage our shock-absorbers by keeping our “Lizzie” in the air too long after a jump. So we had to finish without shock-absorbers, which cost us 35 to 40 minutes at least. In the last stage we finished in the second place,” said Martin.

On Sunday the crew was quite reluctant to continue in the race. The track was unbelievably rutted and both the pilots and the vehicles felt the effects strongly. “Not even at the Dakar have I experienced such a bad track and that it something,” commented Martin. The crew was a bit further behind the leader after the second day so they decided to play it safe and maintain the second position. In the overall results Martin’s crew took the silver, which was by everyone deemed as a victory of sorts given the conditions.

Lukáš Kvapil shone with his Yamaha, being in the overall lead after the first two stages with a clear shot at winning the whole rally. Unfortunately, he had an accident in the last stage. He flew into the air after a nasty crash and landed a few meters away from his bike. He was taken to hospital and diagnosed with a broken collar bone and a forearm and a concussion. He is already back on his feet but the convalescence will take quite some time.

In any case, the KM Racing team took another podium position, this time on the domestic front, and successfully concluded the season, in which every race added to the team’s medal collection. “Now we will focus on repairs and revamping the truck and I will keep training,” concluded Macík.

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Martin Macík scored victory in Baja Poland, Lukáš Kvapil finished on the sixth place

KM Racing has kept their word – the truck crew consisting of Martin Macík, František Tomášek and Michal Mrkva has won the gold. The motorcyclist Lukáš Kvapil managed to come back from the deficit caused by a fall in the first stage and finished in the sixth place.

Martin Macík with his Liaz truck scored a valuable victory in the Baja Poland rally, which is a part of the prestigious European championship series. The rally took place at the weekend in a former military area. Its difficult sandy terrain very much resembled the Latin American stages of the famous Dakar Rally. Martin Macík was in the lead the whole time, all the 400 km from start to finish, with no defects and no sign of fatigue. The rally was served as a good opportunity to test and get used to the adjustments recently made to the Liaz truck engine, which fared very well.

“We really enjoyed the race and I liked the route very much. Besides, the Polish are huge motorsport enthusiast so the race was very popular with the audience, who created great atmosphere,” described Macík. “We have kept our resolution. We have won the gold and at the same time tested new features of the truck. I believe the new adjustments will allow me to reach even higher speeds,” said the pilot. Martin is now entering the final stage of preparations for the 2016 Dakar Rally, which will be mainly devoted to building physical strength and endurance. The fans can still support his journey to Dakar through the funding project.

In Poland KM Racing was also represented by the motorcyclist Lukáš Kvapil, who finished in the 4th place in the race prologue, with only a miniature deficit to the leading trio. “Unfortunately, shortly after the start of the first Saturday stage I hit a rock hidden in the deep sand and slightly damaged the motorcycle. Luckily I wasn’t injured and the motorcycle only suffered minor damage and after a check I could continue. I was pleasantly surprised what a motorcycle can endure. At first, right after it happened, I thought the race was over for me,” said Lukáš.

Because of the incident, Lukáš fell to the 6th place. When the stage ended, the mechanic called Avatar did a great job and Lukáš could continue in the race. “On Sunday I was resolved to come back from the deficit and I managed very well. I overtook several racers who started ahead of me,” described Lukáš. Despite his great time in the second part of the race, Lukáš, however, did not manage to catch up with the leading pack and finished in the nice 6th place. But the race was undoubtedly a good way for him to practice for the 2017 Dakar Rally.

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Macík takes silver in HunGarian Baja

KM Racing Liaz truck crew consisting of Martin Macík, František Tomášek and Michal Mrkva claimed the second place in the HunGarian Baja. Lukáš Kvapil took gold in the motorcycle race.

After the bronze from Baja Aragon, Martin Macík Jr. added another medal to his collection by taking a silver in the very thrilling race in Hungary. This is indeed a great success as the HunGarian Baja is a part of the FIA and FIM cross-country rally world championships and Martin had the difficult task of defending the title from last year.

The rally opened by a 4 kilometre long prologue, or a super special stage, which Martin won. In the next days the racers tackled 3 stages, 100 kilometres each. “The track was very dry, rutted and bumpy, which I enjoyed very much. But it took me a while to start really going. But the truck ran like a dream, so I could keep speeding up,” said Martin Macík. After their success in the prologue, the crew also scored victory in the first stage. In the two remaining stages Martin finished in the second place both times, thus securing the overall silver, less than two minutes behind the winner.

“On Saturday night there was a huge storm, which radically changed the racing conditions, the last day the terrain was wet, which was another valuable experience for me,” said Macík. He also confessed: “I am a bit disappointed by the second place, but I have to admit that it was a superb race and we really stepped it up. Even at Dakar we wouldn’t drive so fast, it would be too risky there.”

On 27th August Martin will take part in another race, Baja Poland 2015. “I am really happy to see that I gain sureness with every race. I am looking forward to Poland very much,” concluded Macík. The HunGarian Baja was also a good opportunity to test new helmets created especially for the KM Racing crew by Rallye Design. The crew will wear them for all the upcoming races including the Dakar Rally. Martin’s fans can still support him on his journey to Dakar through the funding project.

This year’s rally was a Hungarian premiere for the motorcyclist Lukáš Kvapil, who is preparing for his first Dakar. On Saturday the motorcyclists faced 350 km worth of special stages. “The organization of the whole rally was really professional. The most difficult was the temperature which rose above 40 degrees,” commented Lukáš on his first day. “I set up a clear goal for the Sunday special stages – to maintain and use the lead I gained on Saturday.” Commenting on the conditions, he added: “The downpour on Saturday completely changed the track. So it was a good choice of tyres that helped me keep my lead and score the gold.”

By bringing home two medals from Hungary, KM Racing clearly shows that they are on the right track.

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Martin Macík snatched the bronze medal at Baja Aragon despite faulty brakes

Martin Macík won the third place with his Liaz truck, just behind Vila Roca and De Rooy. All that despite robbers who stole the team’s equipment and racing without brakes most of Saturday.

On their way to the Baja Aragon rally, KM Racing and its truck pilot Martin Macík Jr. had a stroke of bad luck as their multi-van had been robbed. But the crew kept their cool and finished in the third place in the rally, which is another important step towards the 2016 Dakar. Given the tough competition and the bad luck, the position is even more valuable.

The Baja Aragon started on Friday by a 5-kilometre prologue. The starting list included renowned Dakar racers, such Gerard de Rooy, Artur Ardavichus and Pep Villa Roca. Besides, there was a number of other Czech, Dutch and Spanish teams. In the tough competition, Macík’s crew scored a great third place in the opening stage.

For the crew consisting of Macík, the navigator František Tomášek and the mechanic Michal Mrkva it was a perfect way to start the race and gain a solid footing for the demanding second day. There were two stages ahead of them on Saturday – the first one had 150 km and the second one 270 km. “Sadly we drove most of Saturday without brakes. In the mountain terrain that was quite a problem. At places where normally we would have pushed the brakes to the limit, they did not work at all. There was nothing else to do but start engine braking way ahead of every turn,” described Macík the unenviable situation.

“Several times I even had to put the truck on reverse in order not to send us into a ravine. It was tough and very demanding, but surprisingly we did not fall too much behind despite this driving style. But we all really had to step up our game, the track was very rocky just like the real Dakar, fast and very technical. Apart from the faulty brakes, the vehicle performed great, though,” added Macík, whose crew finished the Saturday stages in the fourth place.

After the rally in Poland, it was the second start for the navigator František Tomášek. “This was something completely different than Poland, where the track was quite soft. It was all jolts and bounces and the track took dangerous turns in the mountains, weaved its way through like a snake. We did not get lost, so I am happy with my performance. But on Saturday without brakes it was almost too much. I have never experienced such adrenalin moments. It was more about surviving than finishing the race.”

For the final 125 km long Sunday stage the brakes had been fixed so the crew could again seriously think of a good position in the finish. “I gave it my best. For sixty kilometres I was tailing Tomáš Vrátný in the dust, tried to push ahead and then he blew a tyre. I overtook him and ahead of me was Villa Roca. But it was impossible to get ahead, so we finished behind him in the third place. Given the Saturday without brakes, the third place is a great result. And we were still the best Czech crew,” commented Macík on the final results.

“And we achieved it in a very fast race, on a rocky dirt track, in dry, hot and dusty conditions – it is priceless experience. Of course we were lucky to avoid defects – we watched out for dangerous rocks. In three weeks we will race in Hungary in much more different conditions, but again we will do our best to achieve a good result,” concluded Martin “Mates” Macík.

The crew plans to participate in another two big races – Baja Poland and HunGarian Baja. Martin won the Hungarian rally last year and this year he will take with him a fan to Hungary to offer him or her the great opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a world championship race. This special treat will go to the fan who supports him by collecting the highest number of iPoints on his behalf in the funding project. The lucky fan will be able to look behind the scenes of a big rally and become a member of KM Racing for a few days. This year the HunGarian Baja takes place from 13th to 16th August.

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Baja Drawsko: Martin Macík left everybody behind

The KM Racing truck piloted by Martin Macík Jr. has opened the new season with a victory in the Baja Drawsko Pomorskie in Poland. The motorcyclist Lukáš Kvapil has also gotten off to a good start, winning the third place in the motorcycle race.

In the tough competition of three Czech trucks, the newly assembled crew consisting of Martin Macík Jr., František Tomášek and Michal Mrkva fared more than well. Their success becomes even more apparent when looking at the scoreboard in greater detail – they were outperformed by only two car crews.

“On Friday afternoon we won the 7-kilometre-long opening stage, which was a valuable accomplishment in terms of the whole race. The track was soft and very dusty. In Saturday I was a bit slow because of a cold I caught before the race. But I liked the route very much, it had huge jumps and navigation was tricky. A great opportunity to put our new navigator, Franta Tomášek, to a test,” said Macík.

On Saturday afternoon, Macík stepped up a gear and built up a lead, which amounted to more than 48 minutes at the finish on Sunday. “It was probably the best shorter race we have done. We tested our truck, which we drove at the Dakar Rally in January, in particular the modifications we had done to the breaks and steering. It was a great chance to drive 350 km on different surfaces and great learning experience.”

“This race was a very successful opening of the new season, which will culminate in January next year by the Dakar Rally,” said Macík. During the whole season the fans can support Martin through the funding project. The top supporters will get a chance to accompany Martin to one of the next rallies.

Martin’s father, Martin Macík Sr., kept a close eye on his son during the race, following his progress in an assistance car. After every stage they discussed how it went.

“Dad was looking at the truck’s performance and my driving and tried to give me some pointers. We had a hard time once, when a wheel got jammed and in the ruts in the sand we were close to putting the truck on its side. I did my best and was really lucky to get it back on all fours. But this experience counts more than anything else – you can only experience such situations during races,” described Martin one of the dramatic moments. “It really was a very intensive training.”

For the first time in the FIA Central Europe zone off-road rally championship, KM Racing was represented by the motorcyclist Lukáš Kvapil, who rode the team’s Dakar special, Yamaha 450. “He is a professional soldier and a member of the Dukla army sports club. He did very well in his premiere race, his third place really exceeded our expectations. He will keep racing with us; his goal is to one day participate in the Dakar Rally,” added Macík.

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