Mechanics from KM racing team just finished working on a new truck Liaz which will be used for competing during this season by Martin Macík Jr., Frantisek Tomasek and Michal Mrkva. Franta has same major enhancements in comparison to the old truck. Impulse for these changes came from the experiences from previous Rallye Dakar. Some enhancements are surprising including a non-traditional dark design, which will be completed right before Rallye Dakar 2017. New Liaz truck will leave its workshop in Sedlcany this week. It will drive the crew to Spain, Baja Aragon where Martin Macik will be defending his last year´s bronze title.

New shape, better softening and even seating and audio system

The team of mechanics worked on the truck under the supervision of Michal Mrkva and the result is excellent. Franta has a considerably different shape in comparison to the old truck. The reason behind it was our need to balance the weight of the vehicle more effectively which will allow us to increase the speed, especially in the more technical parts of the race. Also new silencers will be tested as there is a demand for high quality due to the nature of Dakar´s terrain. Producer of silencers FRT is testing its new product with our new truck and everyone can´t wait to see how it is going to work in action. „ We even customised the cab. No more carpet just iron, the raw „savage style“. We also changed the seating so it is now more like if you would sit in a car than truck. I look forward to seeing how the outcome will show during the race, but I am sure it will be a big change for the better.“ Says Martin Macik and adds, „Truck is now really loud and we will have to use headphones. The sound will resonate into the cab. I see it as an advantage anyway because I wanted to add an audio system so the music would motivate us during all parts of the race!“

Franta will get a new dark outlook before Dakar

Team also enhanced the design of a new vehicle, which was prepared by the professionals from Rallye Design. „The truck has a very dark outlook now and will get some colour before Dakar. How? We want to leave that as a surprise. We like to experiment with the outlook of the vehicle and we believe that it will be enjoyed by our fans too. We are definitely not afraid of being overlooked during the race,“ says the team leader Martin Macik about the new outlook.

What is next for Franta? Baja Aragon and African desert

Preparation of the new truck will be finished in July because than Franta will be tested for the first time at Spanish Baja Aragon. “We haven´t raced in a long time and we miss it so much. We are extremely looking forward to the Spanish race with our new car! We will also stop in France for a swim!” says Martin. At last year Baja Aragon the crew finished in a third place even despite the technical difficulties with brakes and thieves who stole some of the equipment. This year Martin Macik is going to defend the last year success with a new truck and new experiences. Unfortunately, in Spain the team will be missing motorcyclist Lukas Kvapil, who is currently recovering after a recent car accident. After a start in Baja Aragon there will be another stop for Martin and his crew in HunGarian Baja, Baja Poland and also testing at the Moroccan desert which are fans more than welcome to attend.

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