Dakar was challenging for everyone and Big Shock Racing had to fight hard for the tenth place. But few days went by, people celebrated, got some rest and only the good things will remain in their memories. Crew members of Big Shock Racing would go to Dakar gladly again. But that will happen next year. Now it is time to recap. 

Now look at some amazing number from this year’s Dakar (Big Shock Racing):

Drove 9000 kilometres, from that 2300 measured

22 spare tyres brought to South America, only 1 exchanged during the race

7 900 used up litres of petrol

53°C  highest temperature measured during the race

-3°C  lowest temperature measured during the race

39,9°C highest temperature measured to a team member

64 lost kilograms, record is held by the navigator Frantisek Tomasek: 9 kg

30 times used phrase „one must go fast, to not end up last“ (said especially often by Lavor)

3 hours of sleep on average for the Big Shock Racing team mechanic

8 overalls drenched with sweat

Thousands of photographs taken with local fans who gave us energy

And countless unforgettable moments…