At the past weekend KM Racing raced in front of Czech fans in the Baja 300 Bohemia Rally held in Milovice nad Labem. The Liaz truck crew took the silver. The motorcyclist Lukáž Kvapil with his Yamaha 450 kept in the lead for most of the rally, but in the last stage had a crash and had to be taken to hospital.

Martin Macík and the whole team was really excited by the chance to race in the former military area in Milovice and meet with their Czech fans. The rally started by a 6 kilometre long prologue. “It was probably the most comical prologue in my career. Everybody got literally lost. I have no idea how the organizers clocked the times and handed out penalizations. Right at the beginning we were penalized by 10 minutes, so we finished on the sixth place in the truck category. But we could at least be happy about Lukáš Kvapil’s result, who clocked up the fastest time and was in the lead in both the motorcycle category and the overall results,” described Macík the start of the race.

On the second day the racers had 4 stages ahead of them, about 50 kilometres each (2 circuits, each driven in the opposite direction). Everybody was concerned about navigation, but Ferry, the KM Racing’s navigator František Tomášek, showed everyone how it is done and after 10 kilometres Macík’s crew was in the lead. “We served as navigators for all the others, helping them to find their way and like this we won the first stage. In the second stage we finished second and in the third one I managed to damage our shock-absorbers by keeping our “Lizzie” in the air too long after a jump. So we had to finish without shock-absorbers, which cost us 35 to 40 minutes at least. In the last stage we finished in the second place,” said Martin.

On Sunday the crew was quite reluctant to continue in the race. The track was unbelievably rutted and both the pilots and the vehicles felt the effects strongly. “Not even at the Dakar have I experienced such a bad track and that it something,” commented Martin. The crew was a bit further behind the leader after the second day so they decided to play it safe and maintain the second position. In the overall results Martin’s crew took the silver, which was by everyone deemed as a victory of sorts given the conditions.

Lukáš Kvapil shone with his Yamaha, being in the overall lead after the first two stages with a clear shot at winning the whole rally. Unfortunately, he had an accident in the last stage. He flew into the air after a nasty crash and landed a few meters away from his bike. He was taken to hospital and diagnosed with a broken collar bone and a forearm and a concussion. He is already back on his feet but the convalescence will take quite some time.

In any case, the KM Racing team took another podium position, this time on the domestic front, and successfully concluded the season, in which every race added to the team’s medal collection. “Now we will focus on repairs and revamping the truck and I will keep training,” concluded Macík.

KM Racing Media